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Kohler Associates Architects and Planners has diverse experience with multifamily, single family, offices (including medical), hospitality, warehouses, start-up tech, retail (including grocery), schools and churches. We provide master planning, building design and space planning stages. Kohler Associates is a responsive architectural and planning firm. We strive for creatively distinctive, functionally excellent and technically sound buildings tailored to client requirements. With our experienced and professional staff, we have the proven ability to produce effective solutions for the range of building types noted.

DESIGN APPROACH:   Gathering information, identifying issues, establishing criteria and priorities, we approach design problems as a team, with the client as an integral member. Concepts are then generated and refined to create an appropriate solution. Our team approach encourages brainstorming and critique sessions to allow the best ideas to emerge. Through regular meetings, we monitor progress and ensure that criteria and priorities are met.

ARCHITECT'S ROLE:   The professional architect's role is to use space, light, and materials to form an environment fulfilling the needs and aspirations of the client/user in terms of function, aesthetics and technical reality. This role begins with listening and then gradually a dialogue is begun. The architect uses drawings and other graphic devices to communicate and solicit a response. These drawings must clearly communicate so that the client can understand the concepts being presented throughout the design process.

OWNER'S ROLE:   The Client/Owner's most important role is providing information. Initially, this is in the form of a program consisting of: Design objectives, constraints and criteriaSpecial equipment and systems Space requirements and relationshipsSite Requirements Flexibility and expandability A dialogue develops as the client responds to the architect's ideas. This process enables the client to make decisions, allowing the architects to proceed to higher levels of detail and refinement .

SUMMARY:   The fundamental role of both parties is communication. The architect through drawings and other media; and, the client through the program and decision-making. The success of the project hinges on the clarity of communication.